Holistic Skincare + Wellness that gets to the root of your skin concerns.

Your Skin Tells a Story

Your face communicates what is happening internally. A holistic approach looks at internal, external, and emotional factors.

By mapping your skin we can address the internal factors so your skin can transform to a truly rejuvenated state.

Meet Sandra

As a woman over 40 I know the challenges of changing skin. As a licensed esthetician for over 20 years its my greatest joy as a holistic esthetician to see my client's skin transform from lack luster to healthy skin radiance.

  • Golden Matrix Qi beauty Treatments

  • Relaxing Majestic Facials

  • RevitaPen Pro Facial Infusions


    Non-toxic treatments & products


Tough choice but...

My top 3 favorite products!

1. RECOVERY is a prebiotic and Fat Pad Renewal product that is "filler in a bottle!"

2. AGELESS VITALITY ELIXIR, restores vibrant skin, neutralizes environmental pollutants, and feeds cellular repair!

3. CORRECT, Vitamin A serum, real changes result from 9 collagen stimulators & 7 antioxidants. Creates a smooth, rejuvenated and luminous finish.