I'd Like to Introduce You to The Baggage Taker.

Dear God,


I want to know you so well that when I get to heaven, I'm not surprised.




That was the thought I had driving in my gold minivan down an Iowa country road eight years ago. Although the thought is impossible, it pulled on my deep yearning for more.  I want to discover the depths of His love and who He really is. 


I didn’t grow up attending church. I’ve been led to many churches in my life. I’m proudly waving my ‘church hopper’ flag. I wouldn’t have seen the beauty and strengths of different parts the body of Christ has to offer had I not attended such different faith circles.  The root of the hopping was my search for the God I met at Newport Beach when I was 11 years old.


In the search, I’ve discovered some beautiful facets of His nature. These facets reveal who He is/has been to me over the years. My hope is you see the Creator in a new creative way. 


So without further ado I would love to introduce you to Jesus, The Baggage Taker.


He alone is my Beloved (Darling)

He shines in dazzling splendor,

Yet is still so approachable


Yes, we can come to Him with our hearts wide open, He cares. He doesn’t look us up and down to see if we are qualified.


Without equal as he stands above all others,

Waving his banner to myriads. 


I believe its the banner of love. Waving and drawing those whose hearts are in need of love and wholeness.


The way he leads me is divine. 

His leadership-so pure and dignified.


He doesn’t have ulterior motives. He does not ask of us what He wouldn’t do for others.


As he wears his crown of gold.

Upon this crown are letters of black

Written on a background of glory.

He sees everything with pure understanding.


He understands where you have come from and why you unnecessarily carry heart baggage. 


How beautiful his insights-without distortion. 


He sees the whole picture from beginning to end. When He had the thought of creating you His heart sparked with intense love. He doesn’t have twisted thoughts of you like an image at a fun house. He woos you so you can focus on Him and removing baggage is easy.


His eyes rest upon the fullness of the river of revelation. 

Flowing so clean and pure.


Looking at his gentle face

I see such fullness of emotion.


The Creator of emotions doesn’t shun them he invites you to process what is going on in your heart with him.


Like a lovely garden where fragrant spices grow—

what a Man!


No one speaks words so anointed as this one—

Words that both pierce and heal.


These words are from the fifth chapter of the Song of Songs (The Passion Translation) He is the one who saw me and the baggage I unnecessarily carried. In that place He fastened His gaze on me. In that place He invited me to come just as I was—with my burdens and cares. In my place of pain He willingly, took those things I no longer wanted to carry. He has been a gentleman never snatching the baggage but waiting for the invitation to remove it.  


His words of life and healing can overtake years of heartache. The wound is pierced so the infection clears and then His mending can take place.


I’ve found the hardest part about wound healing is having the courage to face it. When The Baggage Taker meets you at the place in your mind where the wound occurred, it’s a momentary piercing. Then the delicate mending process begins as you dialog with Jesus, The Baggage Taker.


What if… you no longer had to carry the baggage. What if… you knew Jesus paid the price to take your baggage? What if, the baggage you are carrying is really a lie you are believing about yourself or a situation. I encourage you to ask The Baggage Taker if there is a lie you are believing. Invite Him to take your baggage, your burdens and cares. Ask Him for truth in place of any lies. 


Do you know someone who has a heavy heart right now midst the floods and fires? Maybe their heart is full of angst and worry. Please introduce them to Jesus, The Baggage Taker by sharing this with them.