Hello fellow Beauty Revivalist! I am Sandra Rohrer, Founder of BEAUTY DECREE.

Come on in and check out where inner & outer makeup collide. I love beauty in all forms. From dreamy sunsets to lovely lashes. At one time I concentrated to much on the outside. Makeup became my mask, hiding the inside pain. However, I waved my brave banner and decided to deal with the pain. In that place, BEAUTY DECREE was born. I decided to declare beauty from the ashes and write my beauty decrees. 

The outer makeup: BEAUTY DECREE Makeup.


  • A unique collection of cosmetics designed to help you recognize you were created beautiful.  
  • A beautiful synergy…where inner and outer makeup become one.
  • An inspiration, showing you exactly how to use your own voice and intentions to decree your fabulous beauty every single day.
  • A catalyst to shift our culture in how women see and think of themselves. (It’s something you’ll want to share with all the women and girls in your life!)
  • Intentionally named to inspire, empower and to see yourself as valuable, worthy, and beautiful.
  • A simple and powerful way to create healthy inside beliefs that will make you more radiant on the outside. 
  • A statement of who you are: lovely, powerful and free to be yourself! 

The inner makeup always reflects on the outside. It's important to take care of your heart on the inside, for a radiant outside. I share my vulnerable inner makeup on my blog, www.themendingletters.blogspot.com. Join me on a heart adventures as I share my mending letters. Some adventures are thrilling.  Some are sad, and some are beauty to behold in holy moments. I explore the territory of my heart in a raw and unedited way. 

Adventure awaits as we find beauty in the hard things of life. Treasure amongst the mess. Despite destructive and tragic experiences we can arise with a new heart song.  

I invite you to explore the "New Arrival" makeup and create your own BEAUTY DECREE, choose a word that speak to your heart and resonates with a customize a lipstick. 


Love extravagantly!

Sandra Rohrer