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KNOWN: A Daughter’s Search for a Killer, Her Identity, and the Heart of God

KNOWN: A Daughter’s Search for a Killer, Her Identity, and the Heart of God

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When Sandra learned her mother had been murdered, she was left with two plaguing mysteries: Who killed her mother, and how would she ever find her biological father? Her mother died with the keys that unlocked both mysteries, and Sandra would be haunted by them for decades.

After years of navigating through profound loss, crippling grief, and questions about her identity, Sandra wondered if heart freedom was even possible. So many lies and wounds were packed into her heart baggage, weighing her down. Longing for so much more, she cried out to God to know Him deeply. He answered her cry by introducing her to His many Facets, through intimate conversations. The Adventurer, Baggage Taker, Tear Collector, Wall Shaker, Compass, Daring Hope, and Wild Dreamer, are some of the different Facets of God that removed Sandra’s weighty baggage, healed her heart, and gave her the strength to forgive.

This creative memoir is a tapestry, inspired by true events, woven with a beautiful allegory that will take you on a journey into the heart of God. It will leave you daring to hope for the impossible in your own life, and realizing that even in the unknowns, He will make Himself KNOWN.



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