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Qi Beauty

Qi Beauty Home Kit **patches**

Qi Beauty Home Kit **patches**

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Qi beauty 18K gold plated micro-magnets create a youthful glow while also repairing scars, wrinkles, and charging the skin at the cellular level. 

The Home Kit uses Static Magnet Fields at the Quantum level to pull bio-fluids like collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastins to the surface of the skin. These fluids cause the skin to be hydrated, smooth, and glowy. They increase the health, color, and texture of your skin!


The Home Kit addresses these concerns:

-Facial sag

-Loss of volume

-Fine lines and wrinkles

-Skin crepe

-Better complexion and vitality

-Dehydrated skin

-Increases blood circulation-- getting nutrients to cells to function properly

-Raises signally cell to cell transmission (Cells communicate better)

-Corrects cell functions over time

-Raises potential of skincare products

-The radius extends 6cm below skin.

 Take control of the way your skin behaves for pro-health aging with the Qi beauty Home Kit.

One Kit delivers 50 treatments following the Qi beauty Matrix

This Kit Includes 

  • Online Home Kit face map customization

  • The Matrix Collection in the Kit: Qi beauty 12 point Anti-Age Matrix, Lip Lift Matrix and Eye Lift Matrix

  • 50 Treatments based on the Anti-Age Matrix - The Ultimate Matrix!

  • 7ml Refillable Made with Organics Spritz for Mindful wellness with uplifting Australian botanical extracts

  • Instructions to keep

  • Tutorial videos on the Qi beauty website

    All sales final no returns 


.18K plated gold. Do NOT use if pregnant or have a gold allergy.

How to use

Use them 3x a week on clean skin.
1. Wash skin
2. Apply the 12pt Matrix (to start with)
3. Apply your serums ( don’t use retinol or any face oil—they will slide off)
4. Sleep in them.

They will leave small circles from the raised bio-fluids when you remove them. They will go away within 30 minutes. Your skin will LOVE them —consistency is key!

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Try a holistic approach to skincare!